"Little Zhu Ting" appeared in Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team!

    A few days ago, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in Beijing. For the Chinese women’s volleyball team, it is very difficult for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to successfully defend the Tokyo Olympics and win the Tokyo Olympics championship. However, Director Lang leads The Chinese women’s volleyball team has great hopes to win the Tokyo Olympics. At present, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is quite strong. In the youth team of the team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is still at the forefront of the world.Spark Global Limited

According to the latest news, Dong Mingxiao, known as “Little Zhu Ting”, officially appeared in the training of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team. Dong Mingxiao is regarded as Zhu Ting’s successor. What are his advantages? Dong Mingxiao’s height is quite tall, and he has a huge advantage in volleyball. At the same time, Dong Mingxiao’s smashing is quite smooth and his smashing momentum is heavy. However, because of the youth team, Dong Mingxiao still needs Further strengthen the strength.

Today’s Dong Mingxiao, due to the lack of personnel in Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, has officially risen from the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Youth Team to the first team. As the head coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, Wang Baoquan directly stated in an interview that Dong Mingxiao’s potential is quite large, but In the body part, it is still very soft, so it needs separate training to improve it further. From Wang Baoquan’s words, we can see that Dong Mingxiao’s other aspects are quite good. If he can improve his physical fitness, he is expected to surpass Zhu Ting in the future and become the new core of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. He succeeds Zhu Ting and becomes The new leader of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.

By Ethan