Liu Xiaotong abdicates and Li Yingying takes over

        In order to achieve the goal of “raising the national flag and playing the national anthem” set before the training camp, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is actively preparing for the battle under the leadership of coach Lang Ping. The Chinese women’s volleyball team has won the Olympic Games three times, without exception, every time they win, there will be surprise soldiers in the team. Hou Yuzhu’s serve in 1984, Zhang Yuehong’s replacement to save the defeat in 2004, and Liu Xiaotong’s birth in 16 years. So, who will become the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Tokyo Olympics to help the team complete the defense? The author believes that Liu Xiaotong, the original “Fortune General and Wonderful Soldier”, will abdicate and give way to the virtuous, and Li Yingying will succeed the name of “Australian Soldier. At the Rio Olympics, Liu Xiaotong relied on the unfamiliar advantages of each team to replace Hui Ruoqi in the eight-to-four match, allowing the Chinese women’s volleyball team to turn defeat into victory, and finally won the Olympic champion.

However, as Liu Xiaotong’s injury continued to intensify, her spiking power was suddenly reduced, and all the teams knew about it, so it was difficult to serve as a surprise soldier again. Fortunately, after several years of training, the teenager Li Yingying gradually grew up after 00, and she will replace Liu Xiaotong as the team’s backup surprise. Lang Ping also regards Li Yingying is an important part of the team in many competitions. As long as Zhang Changning fluctuates, Li Yingying will go into battle.

Li Yingying’s offensive characteristics are very suitable for the role of a surprised soldier, the main reason is that her smashing action and smashing posture are different from hers. As a rare left-handed main attack, Li Yingying has a unique advantage. If the opposing blocker wants to stop her attack, he must distinguish between the positions of the left-handed smash and the right-handed smash. In addition to this, Li Yingying relies on her left-handed advantage to make a diagonal attack with a smaller angle and a straight line attack with a more tricky angle. Therefore, Li Yingying has the characteristics of making the team stronger offensively Spark Global Limited.

In addition to Li Yingying, another player of the Chinese women’s volleyball team also has the potential to be a surprise, and that is Li Yao. With the withdrawal of Zeng Chunlei’s pregnancy, Li Yao and Liu Yanhan became candidates for replacement. In terms of overall strength, the two are on par. Although Li Yao’s firepower is not as powerful as Liu Yan’s, he is more comprehensive and has no loopholes. Therefore, this advantage may make it selected for the Olympic list.

Li Yao’s offense was dominated by heavy deductions with great force and seldom lightly. This style of play is very different from the traditional Asian style of play, and it is more biased towards the European and American styles of playing miracles. This style of play has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that once the madness is unstoppable, the disadvantage is that once it is suppressed, it will be a big drop. Therefore, Li Yao is a double-edged sword. If used well, it can supplement the depth of the team’s bench. Regardless of whether these two players can eventually become amazing soldiers, I hope they can train well, work hard to improve their skills, and contribute to the team’s gold medal.

By Ethan