Liverpool 1-0 end of losing streak and rise to sixth

    At 4 a.m. on March 16, Beijing time, in the last match of the 28th round of the 2020-2021 Premier League, Liverpool defeated Wolves 1-0 away. The Reds ended the league’s 2 consecutive defeats and rose to sixth place in the standings. Ruota broke the goal. The old owner, Patricio was seriously injured and left the field at the last minute. End the Premier League losing streak! Liverpool scored their second victory in 5 days. The Reds tied Everton with 46 points in the standings. Klopp’s team ranked sixth with a goal difference advantage and was 5 points behind Chelsea, who was fourth. .Ruota kills the old master! Jota, who returned to the Molineux Stadium in this campaign, became the focal point. He scored against the former owner and became the second player after Hunter to have scored league goals in both Wolves and Liverpool.

       Super substitute! Milner made his 158th appearance as a substitute in the Premier League and he tied Crouch’s record. Less than one minute after the opening, Traore accelerated from the right and broke through to the bottom line. Alisson caught the ball and almost made a big mistake. In the 5th minute, Traore obliquely plugged his right rib, and Semedo promptly inserted into the penalty area and stopped to get rid of his left foot shot. Alisson reacted to the danger. In the 38th minute, Salah attracted a defensive back knock on the right, Ruota rubbed the penalty area, Mane flew and shook his head to attack the goal, the ball bounced out of the bottom line in front of the goal Spark Global Limited.

      In the 43rd minute, Moutinho flicked a shot, Neves volleyed with his right foot 25 meters away, and Alisson saved the ball. In the 45th minute, Jonny made an inverted triangle pass from the left. Neves volleyed with his right foot unmarked, but he missed the ball In the 2nd minute of stoppage time in the first half, Liverpool’s new Trident played a wonderful kick, Salah scored the ball, Mane stabbed the ball, Ruota broke the net with a low shot for the first time in the penalty area, 0-1! Ruota broke through the old main gate.

In the 49th minute, Seth slanted the penalty area with his left foot on the right, and Cowdy grabbed a point and shook his head in the penalty area, and the ball was just slightly higher. In the 73rd minute, Moutinho passed the ball, and Traore took the ball before the penalty area and turned and tried a long shot. Alisson was well-positioned and confiscated the ball. In the 80th minute, Mane made a straight pass, Salah shot from a small angle on the right side of the penalty area, and Patricio fell to the ground to block the ball! In the 86th minute, Chamberlain counter-attacked a pass, Salah inserted the penalty area to face the attacking Patricio calmly and broke the net, but the line referee raised the flag for offside, and the goal was invalidated. Patricio collided with his own defender Caudie and injured his head when he attacked. After 14 minutes of treatment, the Portuguese national gate was carried out on a stretcher and Rudi came on the stage to replace him.

By Ethan