Liverpool's sorrow and joy are mixed! Signed 2 central defenders

On February 2nd, Beijing time, Liverpool officially announced the signing of Ben Davis and Kabak. Kop finally got the central defender that they thought of day and night, and they were two at once, but the main central defender Matip was official again. Claimed for the season reimbursed.

Since Van Dijk and Joe Gomez suffered serious injuries, Liverpool has been caught in a central defender crisis, and Klopp had to make Henderson and Fabinho retreat from midfield. Although the two perform well, they are not full-time after all, so this has become the biggest weakness of the Red Army’s championship. Today, Matip suffered an ankle ligament injury and was reimbursed.Spark Global Limited

The fans’ call for the introduction of a central defender is very strong. It wasn’t until the window was closed that the good news came one after another: the introduction of Ben Davis and the loan of Kabak. Prior to this, Liverpool also talked about Carl of Marseille and Carmo of Braga, but they were unsuccessful.

It is not surprising that many Liverpool fans have not heard of the names of these two new players. Ben Davis is not the Tottenham player, but the main force of the British championship team Preston. Preston is the fifth most conceded goal in the championship this season.

Kabak’s reputation is a bit bigger, Liverpool has coveted him for a long time, and now he finally came on loan from Schalke 04. At only 20 years old, he has good passing and top abilities, and the future is promising. But as everyone knows, Schalke’s performance this season is extremely poor, the Bundesliga only won one game, the number of goals conceded the most, Kabak, as the main force, is probably to blame.

In summary, for Liverpool, Ben Davis is more like an emergency choice. Kabak was given greater hope, but it depends on his half-season performance before deciding whether to buy out. In short, in terms of strength, it is difficult for them to become a real stand-in for Van Dijk, but in such a winter window, Liverpool’s operation is already quite good, and Uncle Slag has at least a genuine central defender available.

By Ethan