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Although Lebanon was lucky to score first, it still couldn’t stop the Iranians from winning.

  In the fifth round of the top twelve match, Iran reversed Lebanon 2-1 in the away game and won the fourth game. Halfway through, Iran, with its undefeated record of four wins and one draw, overpowered South Korea to secure the top spot in Group A.

  It can be said that the Iranian national team, which has scored 13 points, is already close at hand to enter the World Cup in Qatar. However, after the game against Lebanon, an open letter issued by the Iranian international team revealed the glorious record of the national team. , The unknown side.

“The players have been wearing the jerseys, sneakers and other equipment issued a year ago. The jerseys are washed and washed, worn and worn, which is unimaginable for everyone.”

  Except that the most basic equipment guarantees were not in place, in the guest game against Lebanon, Iran encountered an outside move from its opponents. From staying in the hotel to arranging the training ground, they encountered a lot of trouble. However, no officials from the Iranian Football Association came. Mediation and resolution, “everything can only be consciously”.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

  From the perspective of the players, the Iranian Football Association seems to have regarded such a victory as a common occurrence, holding an attitude that they can win the game even if no one takes care of the team.

  ”We feel that we have been completely forgotten by the Football Association.”

The Football Association has such a poor management level, but the national team has such outstanding results. Such a sharp contrast and contrast have made many football fans in many countries very emotional.

  But what is even more embarrassing is that this is nothing new. For many years, the Iranian national team has been living like this.

  As early as before the 2014 World Cup, the then chairman of the Iranian Football Association Kafaxihan warned players not to exchange jerseys with opponents after the game in an interview with the media:

  ”Because of the limited budget, it is impossible for us to provide players with a new jersey every game, so players must take good care of their jerseys and it is absolutely impossible to exchange them with opponents.”

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