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According to senior reporter Zac Lowe, the Lakers and Clippers are likely to pursue kenba Walker this summer to strengthen the backcourt depth.

Celtic were eliminated in the first round, Walker’s performance is quite disappointing, because of knee contusion, Walker did not play in the last two games. Shortly after the end of the season, Celtic will trade walker to thunder, thunder is expected to continue to seek a deal this summer.

Walker has one year left on his contract and a salary of $36 million for next season. Next summer is the player’s option.

According to media analysis, walker may be a good choice to join the Lakers, because the Lakers are already faced with the problem of point guard. Schroeder has rejected the 85 million contract offered by the Lakers last season, and wants a large contract of about 100 million to 120 million, which makes the Lakers more difficult. Schroeder’s value is not low, but I’m afraid it can’t be that high.

If the Lakers can’t keep Schroeder, it’s urgent for them to strengthen the point guard. Walker’s remaining contract is not much, in addition to potential injuries, it can indeed bring more talent to the Lakers. Although he may not be as good as Schroeder in the defensive end, it can definitely relieve LeBron’s organizational pressure.

As for the clippers, the demand for walker may not be so urgent. Some fans even think that considering Reggie Jackson’s performance in the playoffs, he may be more reliable than walker.

In any case, the Lakers and Clippers will try their best to continue to strengthen the deep competition for the championship in this off-season, and the “arms race” in Los Angeles will continue.

By Ethan