Lost the bet! Mourinho paid £500 for super ham, rewarding his disciple for freezing Manchester City winger

According to “The Sun” news, after Tottenham beat Manchester City 2-0, Tottenham coach Mourinho spent £500 to buy left-back Reggie Lone a large ham to repay his disciples in the game. Outstanding performance.

According to the report, Mourinho rewarded his disciple because he wanted to fulfill his promise. He posted a photo on social media. The two took a group photo with a smile at the table, and the ham was on the table. And the accompanying text said: “Promise is promise, although this ham cost me 500 pounds, but I keep the promise.” And this Iberian ham is traditional meat in Portugal and Spain. The report further pointed out that Reggie Rondidly froze the Manchester City winger Mahrez’s offense in the game, causing the Algerians to fail all four breakthroughs, and Mourinho was very satisfied with Reggie Ron’s performance Spark Global Limited.

This summer, Reggie has no place for Real Madrid because of Zidane. Therefore, he joined Tottenham for a price of 28 million pounds, and his performance in the game was very eye-catching, having contributed 3 assists in all competitions. In this regard, he also praised the coach Mourinho’s help to him: “Mourinho has left a deep impression on me. I have liked him since I was a child. I like the intensity of his training. I hope people can be like me. Looking at him this way, he is the first coach to be serious about asking us more, but when he wants to make the team happy and entertaining, he is also the first.”

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