On November 17th, Beijing time, in the first round of the China A relegation play-off, Xinjiang Snow Leopards Nahuan played against Heilongjiang FC. In this match, Ma Ning, as a VAR referee, copied the classic dispute between Luneng and Guoan!

Xinjiang crossed from the right, the Heilongjiang player cleared the ball, but did not play far, Xinjiang got the second point, and then Danyar completed the goal without being guarded. At this time, VAR reminds the referee that the goal process is questionable. For this campaign, the referee is Niu Minghui and the VAR referee is Ma Ning.

The slow-motion shows that at the moment when Xinjiang is passing, a player who responds is suspected of being offside. Does this mean that a player is interfering with the defensive player in an offside position? The answer is not. After receiving Manning’s prompt, Niu Minghui played back the video to a high-altitude ball scramble for Xinjiang to get the ball. At that time, the Xinjiang player’s arm touched the ball. It was because of this action that all subsequent scoring processes It was deemed invalid.

Does it seem familiar?

26 days ago, in the Chinese Super League championship team, Guoan Luneng ushered in the second round of life-and-death duel. In the 69th minute of the second half, Gerdes from the right side of the penalty area received a goal from Hao Junmin and hit the bottom line, then an inverted triangle made a return, left in the penalty area In the side section, Liu Yu kept up with his right foot and finished the goal, Luneng 2-1! However, VAR referee Manning reminded the referee that before the whole goal process, Li Ke and Gerdes were fighting, Li Ke was hit, Luneng obtained the ball for this, so all subsequent attacks were invalid.

Of course, we are not saying that the two processes are the same, because Heilongjiang’s handball is more obvious this time, and Luneng’s so-called foul action is indeed very small. But this goes back to the way of getting the ball before the goal is the same! Does Luneng feel that he has been made up again?

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