Luo mourned Maradona, but Huang Jianxiang was dissatisfied: Remove "one"! No one but Bailey has the right to say that

Argentina legend Diego Maradona suddenly died at the age of 60 in the early morning of November 26, Beijing time. As a junior football star, Ronaldo showed his black-and-white photo with Maradona on his social account for the first time, expressing his mourning for the legend.


Luo, a genius, said goodbye to a friend in the world today. One of the best in history. An incomparable magician. You leave too early, but leave an endless legacy and gaps that will never be filled. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten. ”


Although c Luo’s memorial speech to Lao Ma was very affectionate and touching, it was surprising that Huang Jianxiang, a well-known Chinese commentator, was very dissatisfied with it. My dear c Luo, please remove the word “one”. Everyone knows you’re great. But at this moment, no one else, no, only the only one. There is only one person in the world who is qualified to say “one of them”. However, he does not say the word. That person, 80 years old, is named Bailey. Keep your competitive spirit in play and I will continue to support you. If you look at the feelings and patterns of your coach’s mourning for Maradona, can you grow up and not be three years old anymore?


Obviously, Huang thinks Maradona is the greatest player in history. The only person who can question his title is Pele, a Brazilian who has become the “king of the ball” with him. As for Messi and Ronaldo, there is no right to say that Maradona is just “one of the best in history”.


Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s coach at Juve, Pirlo, also sent a memorial to Maradona. Pirlo wrote: “God in the football world has left, thank Diego for everything he has done!”. Meanwhile, Pele, who became the “king of the ball” with Maradona, also sent a memorial. Bailey wrote: “it’s very sad to lose a friend in this way, and hopefully one day we’ll play together in heaven.”.


Huang Jianxiang’s criticism of C Luo’s comments caused many fans’ dissatisfaction, they think that Huang Jianxiang is too glass hearted: “there is no need to pull this word.” “It’s going to spray, too? Does Luo know who you are, Huang Jianxiang? ” ; “is that brainless?”


Perhaps the netizens strongly questioned “Bo eyeball”, and then Huang Jianxiang himself deleted the criticism of C Luo, and sent an article saying that there was a misunderstanding in his understanding, so he specially apologized to c Luo.

By Ethan