Mahomes Brady matchup attracts attention

The Super Bowl game is about to start next Monday, and the most eye-catching is the duel between Brady and Mahomes quarterbacks. Not only have no elite quarterbacks met in the Super Bowl for many years, but the two are the two strongest quarterbacks of the two generations, the direct dialogue between them means inheritance to some extent.

In a rugby game, the most important non-fourth quarter is none other than the regular offensive choices. The team still chooses the necessary four gears or controls the game time according to the game situation. The Pirates and Chiefs scored the same in the fourth quarter of this season, scoring 135 and 136 points respectively, but the defense in the fourth quarter is that the Pirates are significantly better, which may become the winner of the Super Bowl.Spark Global Limited

During the regular season, the Pirates lost only 61 points in the fourth quarter, the least in the entire league. The Chiefs lost 147 points, more than double the Pirates. Not only that, but this score is also the fifth-worst in the entire league, and it is more than the combined points they lost in the second and third quarters.

Pirates but the defensive team

In the two crucial playoffs, the Pirates’ fourth quarter was also terrifying. In New Orleans, the two sides tied for 20 and entered the fourth quarter. In the crucial fourth quarter, the pirates not only sealed the saints, but also completed the interception of Drew Bliss twice. At Lambourg Stadium the following week, the Pirates’ defensive team decided on the game again. After Brady was intercepted, they struck out Rogers twice. At the end of the game, they also had a key third-level defense that stopped the Packers. In front of the end zone.

“We restricted them in the fourth quarter,” the Pirates coach Arians said after the game. “They performed well in the fourth quarter all year, but fortunately we had a few key stops.”

In fact, although the stadium has won 14 regular-season games this season and only lost one game when Mahomes was there, their dominance is far from as good as the record shows. Of these 14 games, they have only won six games in double digits, while the Pirates have nine. In addition, the Pirates have won four times by more than 20 points, but in contrast to the 14-win Chiefs, they have only twice.

Although both sides had seven interceptions in the fourth quarter, tied for the most in the league, the Pirates only released six pass touchdowns, the third-lowest in the league, and the Chiefs released 20, and the league second-most. The gap in the number of sacks is even more obvious. The Pirates sacked the opponent’s quarterback 24 times in the fourth quarter, leading the second-place six times, while the Chiefs had only seven times throughout the regular season.

But this does not mean that in the Super Bowl, Mahomes will be staggered at the end of the game. He was only sacked six times in the fourth quarter of the year. But the Pirates’ passers are ready to go. Outer passer Jason Pierre Paul contributed the most seven fourth-quarter sacks in the league, and inner passer Devin White is tied for the league. The second most five times. In the playoffs, Barrett began to show off. Two fourth-quarter sacks lead the list. Among them, Barrett and Pierre Paul sacked Rogers five times last week. After Via returned, the Pirates The threat of impulse transmission increased sharply.

It is important to know that the Packers’ offensive frontline has only released two sacks in a single game this season. In addition, there are only four games where they have been converted more than once in a single game, and they happened twice last week. It was the same against the Saints. They allowed the New Orleans to finish with a season-low 20 points and were converted four times more than twice in any regular-season game.

By Ethan