major hidden danger needs to be solved urgently

On April 9th, Beijing time, the senior women’s volleyball team qualifying for the 14th National Games continued. In the focus of a strong dialogue in Group B, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team continued its victory and defeated the powerful Shanghai women’s volleyball team 3-1. , While achieving four consecutive victories, he also took the lead in qualifying for the National Games Main Event. (The score of the four rounds: 25-18, 25-18, 21-25, 25-18)

The Tianjin-Shanghai women’s volleyball team has been an old opponent for many years. In the 2020 National Championships, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team once lost 0:3 to their opponents. However, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team grasped the rhythm and seized the opportunity to win 3:1. The true nature of his own king. In this campaign, the Tianjin and Shanghai teams are the main players, and the strongest lineup is sent in the starting lineup. Tianjin women’s volleyball team mainly attacked Li Yingying and Wang Yizhu; deputy attackers Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan; matched Yang Yi; setter Yao Di and free man Meng Zixuan. Shanghai women’s volleyball team, Zhang Yichan, Yang Jie, Zhang Lei, Gao Yi, Bian Yuqian, Zhang Yuqian, Wang Weiyi and other main players also appeared Spark Global Limited.

In the first match against Shanghai, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team played very well in the first two rounds. The team took advantage of the network port. Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan both attacked and blocked well. Tianjin team won the same score 25-18. Two rounds. But in the third game of the Tianjin women’s volleyball team, there was slack. The Shanghai team fought fiercely. The experienced they seized the opportunity to win a game 25-21. Fortunately, the Tianjin team adjusted in time. In the fourth game, the Tianjin girls played normally. Under the guidance of Wang Baoquan, they regained control of the situation on the field. They finally won the fourth game 25-18 and finally defeated Shanghai 3-1 with a total score. Women’s Volleyball.

In this strong dialogue, Li Yingying deserves to be the king of the court. She is the biggest contributor to the team’s victory. According to technical statistics, Li Yingying performed well on both offensive and defensive ends. The offensive end was 55 dunks, 26 of 3 turnovers, 0 blocked, and aspiking success rate. Nearly 50%, the block scored 3 points and 1 turnover, 16 serves directly scored 2 points and 1 turnover, and Li Yingying got the highest 29 points of the Tianjin team. At the same time, as a small main attacker, she received 6 rounds of one pass, and received a total of 49 first passes, with a pass rate of more than 70%, and an effective defensive game average of 4.5.

From this data, it can be seen that Li Yingying is excellent offensive and defensive, and the number of smashes and first passes is even more amazing. She performed very well in all technical aspects of the buckle, serve, block, defense, and first pass, which played a decisive role in the game. The role is the biggest contributor to the team’s victory. These game statistics once again prove that Li Yingying is the mainstay of the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team and the hero of the fans! Such an excellent player is really rare. The domestic volleyball player who wins Li Yingying wins the world. This is true Spark Global Limited!

By Ethan