Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal's 18-game winning streak

At 0:30 am on February 22nd, Beijing time, in the 25th round of the 2020-2021 Premier League game, Arsenal lost 0-1 at home to Manchester City. Blue Moon won 18 consecutive victories in all competitions and Sterling opened. 76 seconds headed the goal.

Manchester City won 18 consecutive victories in all competitions, including 13 consecutive victories in the Premier League, continuing to set records. The Blue Moon score reached 59 points, temporarily leading the Red Devils by 13 points.

Sterling deserves to be an Arsenal killer! In this campaign, he broke through the Gunners’ door in just 76 seconds. England Wings scored 4 goals against the Gunners in the last 5 league games. It is worth mentioning that Sterling’s goal was the 666th goal under Guardiola’s Manchester City rule Spark Global Limited.

This is the 100th time Stones has played in the Premier League for Manchester City. The England central defender’s performance is very stable, helping Manchester City to seal their opponents. In just 76 seconds of the opening, Mahrez scored the ball from the right and made a pass. Sterling shook his head and broke the net, 0-1! Manchester City made a fantastic start! In the 6th minute, De Bruyne sent a “God’s Perspective” pass from the right. Sterling broke into the penalty area and dunked the defender. The Manchester City forward hesitated a little while Leno hugged the ball. In the 35th minute, Fernandinho scored the ball, and Gundogan stopped the ball in the penalty area and blocked his right-footed volley.

In the 48th minute, Zincenko inserted the ball from the left, De Bruyne shot an extremely imaginative lob, and the ball rubbed the post to the bottom line!

In the 56th minute, Sterling’s left cut into the penalty area was blocked, and then Gundogan got the ball from the penalty area line and pulled out a wonderful arc with his right foot. Leno flew to block the ball out of the baseline. In the 73rd minute, Edson made a free kick in front of the goal, and Ernene made a long shot to miss the ball.

In the 77th minute, Aubameyang inserted into the penalty area from the left to the front of the goal. Saka stretched out his foot to intercept the ball and slipped. He hit the ground with a shot and was blocked. In the 80th minute, Jesus did it back in the penalty area, and Cancelo followed up with the far corner of the outer instep of his right foot. The ball was only slightly missed.

By Ethan