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At 4:00 a.m. Beijing time on December 23, 2020-2021 season English League Cup quarter-final, Arsenal lost 4-1 at home to Manchester City, blue moon advanced to the last four. Versus broke the 609-minute ball shortage, mahres broke the net with a free-kick, and Forden scored the 20th goal of the city’s career.

Highlights of the competition

Spark Global Limited, Manchester City has won the Carling Cup in the past three seasons, beating Arsenal 4-1 to the top four, and the blue moon continues to move towards the fourth consecutive League Cup title. Guardiola beat Arteta’s team for the third time in his career. It is worth mentioning that this is the 100th goal in the club’s career, including 72 goals for Manchester City 164 times. The 20-year-old fuden made a remarkable performance in this game, contributing a goal and an auxiliary attack and instigating the goal of gersus. Foden has scored 20 goals for the city since September 2018 and he is the most prolific English midfield player in the Premier League during this period.


Wonderful review

Opening only 3 minutes, fuden split, jinqinke left under the bottom of the cross, resusi grabbed the front, nodded hammer to break the net, 0-1! Manchester City made a fantastic start. In the first 24 minutes, ernini fouls, mahres arc top of the free-kick left foot attack, the ball hit the wall, pop the baseline. In the first 28 minutes, Bernardo Silva free-kick into the forbidden area, Rodrigo snatched volley was blocked out of the baseline. 1-1 in the penalty area, Martin Carragher goes into the net from the left!

In the 44th minute, Steven rushed to the outside of the forbidden area to smash Martinelli. From the slow-motion replay, the Manchester City goalkeeper kicked Martinelli. After a short treatment, the Gunners’ new star returned to the field. In the 55th minute, Manchester City got a free kick on the line of the forbidden area, Fernando shot a shot, mahres left foot full moon curvilinear attack the net, 1-2! In the 59th minute, Fernando’s counterattack sent straight, Foden into the left side of the restricted area, he faced the attack of lunalson cross shot empty goal, 1-3! It was Forden’s 20th goal for the city. In the 73rd minute, Foden dodged the open space on the right side, left foot inclined to hang the forbidden area, and Laporte headed the net in front of the goal, 1-4!


Technical statistics

Starting Line-up

Arsenal (4231)


Goalkeeper: 13 – lunalson

Defenders: 17 Cedric, 6 Gabriel, 20 mustafi, 31 kolachinatz

Back waist: 8 – sebalios, 25 – ernini

Midfield: 15 Niles, 28 willlock, 35 Martinelli (19 Pepe 49 ‘)

Striker: 9-lakazet (38-barogon 77 ‘)

Manchester City (4231)


Goalkeeper: 13 Steven

Defenders: 27 – cancelo, 3 – DIAS, 14 – Laporte, 11 – zinchenko

Back waist: 16 – Rodrigo (2 – Walker 77 ‘), 25 – Fernando

Midfield: 26 – mahres, 20 – Bernardo – Silva, 47 – fuden

Striker: 9 – gersus (10 – Aguero 74 ‘)

By Ethan