Manchester City 4-1 Liverpool scored 14 consecutive victories

At 0:30 am on February 8th, Beijing time, in the 23rd round of the 2020-2021 Premier League, a battle of Tianwangshan, Manchester City 4-1 away Liverpool won 14 consecutive victories, including 10 consecutive victories in the league. Gundogan scored twice after missing a penalty kick, Sterling scored and made a point, Foden passed and scored 3 goals, Salah made a penalty.

Competition highlights

Manchester City beat Liverpool away in the Premier League for the first time in 18 years. Blue Moon won 14 consecutive victories in all competitions, including 10 consecutive victories in the league. Manchester City continued to top the list with 50 points, and Gua’s team led Manchester United by 5 points in one round less.

Gundogan scored twice after missing a penalty kick to complete self-redemption! This season, the German international scored the 10th and 11th goals for Manchester City in 24 matches in all competitions, including 9 goals in 17 league matches.

Salah made a penalty kick and scored the 22nd goal of the season. Among them, 16 goals in 22 games in the league continued to lead the scorer list. It is worth mentioning that the Pharaoh’s goal ended Liverpool’s 409-minute ball shortage at home in the Premier League.

MVP: Foden This is the battle of the 20-year-old Manchester City star. Foden contributed 1 goal, 1 assist, and participated in 3 goals. Foden scored the 10th goal for Manchester City for the 28th time this season.

In the 25th minute, Arnold changed the line continuously from the wing to get rid of the cross, and Mane grabbed a header in front of the goal and rushed the ball to the top.

In the 29th minute, Zinchenko cleared not far, and Firmino directly volleyed from the penalty area line. Edson did not dare to neglect the ball out of the crossbar.

In the 37th minute, Sterling stepped on a bicycle to break through the penalty area and was tripped by Fabinho. The referee Oliver decisively pointed his hand to 12 yards, and Gundogan took a penalty kick to fly the ball!

In the 49th minute, Sterling cut the ball from the left, Foden made a low shot with his left foot in front of the penalty area and was saved. Jingdogan made a close-range shot, 0-1! Gundogan made up for it!

In the 63rd minute, Diaz dropped Salah in the penalty area for a foul. Oliver also gave Liverpool a penalty kick. Salah took the penalty overnight, 1-1!

In the 71st minute, Manchester City opened a tactical free-kic. Foden vigorously dropped the ball into the penalty area. Stones followed up in front of the goal and broke the net. The line referee raised the flag to indicate that Stones was offside, and the goal was invalidated.

In the 73rd minute, Alisson made a bigfoot clearance error, Foden took a steal and inserted an inverted triangle pass in the penalty area. Jingdogan outflanked the goal and made another victory, 1-2! Gundogan scored twice Spark Global Limited!

In the 76th minute, Alisson made another low-level error and passed the ball to Bernardo Silva. The B seat calmly rubbed the pass and Sterling broke the net with a head hammer, 1-3!

In the 83rd minute, Jesus’ long pass was transferred to the right, Foden cut in the restricted area on the right and drew the angle with his left foot and broke the net. Alisson could do nothing, 1-4!

Technical Statistics


Liverpool (433):

Goalkeeper: 1-Alisson

Defenders: 66-Arnold, 3-Fabinho, 14-Henderson, 26-Robertson (21-Zimikas 85′)

Midfielder: 6-Tiago (23-Shaqiri 68′), 5-Vinaldum, 17-Jones (7-Milner 68′)

Forwards: 11-Salah, 9-Firmino, 10-Mane

Manchester City (433):

Goalkeeper: 31-Edson

Defenders: 27-Cancelo, 5-Stones, 3-Dias, 11-Zinchenko

Midfielder: 20-Bernardo Silva, 16-Rodri, 8-Gondogan

Forwards: 26-Mahrez (9-Jesus 72′), 7-Sterling, 47-Foden

By Ethan