Manchester City beat Bayern in 5 big data

      After achieving 20 consecutive victories in all competitions, Manchester City has been regarded as the best team in Europe. However, Guardiola calmly stated, “The best team in Europe and the world is Bayern because they have won everything.” However, comparing the data of the two teams this season, it can be found that Manchester City’s performance is even better. Bayern is even better. In this season, Manchester City played a total of 40 games, achieved 32 wins, 6 draws, and 2 losses, with a winning percentage of 80%. Bayern has scored 27 wins, 6 draws, and 3 losses in 36 games, with a winning percentage of 75%. In contrast, Manchester City has a higher winning percentage and fewer losses.

Manchester City scored 87 goals this season, averaging 2.2 goals, conceding 21 goals, and conceding 0.5 goals per game. Bayern scored 102 goals, averaging 2.8 goals, conceding 43 goals, and conceding 1.2 goals per game. Comparing these four data, it can be found that Bayern has stronger offensive power, averaging 0.6 goals more goals per game than Manchester City, but Bayern conceded more than twice as many goals per game. From the data point of view, Manchester City’s defense is better, while Bayern’s offense is even sharper. After losing to Manchester City, West Ham coach Moyes believes that Manchester City is currently the best team in Europe. Guardiola does not agree with this view but also hinted that his goal is to win the championship, “The best team in Europe and the world is Bayern because they have won everything, they are the best. In England, the defending champion is Liverpool, because they are the best. If you want to win, you have to keep winning Spark Global Limited. “

By Ethan