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The third round of the FA Cup ended 3 games, Chelsea, Manchester City 2 favorites are strong through, but Leeds United surprise 0-3 defeat of the fourth level of the League Two team Crowley, encountered elimination.

Chelsea 4-0 Morecambe

Chelsea has joined league two sides more cam. The first 12 minutes, kaipa awkward pounce ball nearly own.In the 18 th minute, Mount outside the forbidden area long shot broke the goal, Chelsea 1-0 lead.The 22nd minute, Emerson peripheral long shot, Halstead fell to save.In the 26th minute, Haverts did not clear the ball completely in front of the ball, Kaipa quickly sidelong save.The 34th minute, Phillips small Angle hit the door, was confiscated by kaipa.It was 2-0 in the 44th minute when Haverts headed the ball into the net and Werner rounded it.Werner ended a goal drought that lasted 827 minutes.

In the 49th minute, Ziyech cross, Odoyi counter offside after a single goal, Chelsea lead 3-0.The 59th minute, Ludige sent a top long pass, Zierhe forward interference failed to hit the goal.The 67th minute, Ziyehe passed the defense after the long shot hit high.The 71st minute, haftz and Pulisic successively hit the goal, Halstead two consecutive pounced.The 85 th minute, AZP bottom line cross, haverts headed a goal, the final Chelsea 4-0 victory through.Chelsea have progressed from the third round of the FA Cup every time since 1997/98.

Manchester City 3-0 Birmingham City Spark Global Limited

Manchester City play Birmingham City in the Championship.In the eighth minute, Bernardo – Silva volleyed the world wave, Manchester City 1-0 lead. The first 15 minutes, Maheres coquetely outside instep instigation, B Xi Mei opened two, Manchester City 2-0 lead.The first 30 minutes, De Blaune straight plug, theresus small Angle hit the door was blocked.The 33rd minute, Maherez assist, forden outside the forbidden area stick ground cut, Manchester City 3-0 lead. Forden has played directly in 12 goals this season, the most of any Under-21 player in the Premier League.

The 36th minute, Jesus small Angle over the goalkeeper, the ball was cleared by the opposing line. In the 45th minute, Mahrez free-kick shot directly, the ball slightly higher. In the 61st minute, Mahrez’s right foot broke the goal, the chief referee confirmed by the VAR offside first, the goal is invalid. In the 81st minute, Jeremie Berra hit the ball wide of the far post from a tight Angle. In the 85th minute, Jeremie Berra tried again with a long shot just over the top. The final Manchester City 3-0 win opponents, successfully promoted.

Crawley 3-0 Leeds United

The biggest upset of the round was the sixth-placed Crowley side against Leeds United in League Two.In the second half of the game, Leeds United suddenly collapsed, Crowley players scored three goals in 20 minutes, the final 3-0 Leeds.

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