Manchester City lead Manchester United 4-1

      At 4 o’clock in the morning on March 3, Beijing time, the 29th round of the 2020-2021 season Premier League, Manchester City 4-1 Wolves at home, Blue Moon won 21 consecutive victories in all competitions, Mahrez scored and made Dunker Oolong , Laporte’s goal was blown, and Jesus scored twice. After this campaign, Manchester City temporarily leads Manchester United by 15 points. Manchester City scored 21 consecutive victories in all competitions, leading Manchester United by 15 points in the standings. It is worth mentioning that Manchester City has not fallen behind for a minute in the last 19 Premier League games, tying the record set by Arsenal in the 1999 season. dispute! Laporte scored the second goal for Manchester City in the first half, but the ball was blown off after the VAR review. Judging from the slow-motion playback and the VAR line, the offside penalty is still controversial Spark Global Limited.

In the 15th minute, Rodri passed a long pass. Mahrez inserted the ball into the penalty area from the right and ended the ball to the goal. Dendon Kerr tried to make a clearance before the outflank Sterling, but he accidentally kicked the ball into his own gate. 1-0! In the 40th minute, Mahrez scored the ball, and Sterling forced a goal in the penalty area to hit the defender and bounced. Then Jesus’ header came down and Mahrez volleyed and blocked the bottom line.

In the 44th minute, Manchester City made a counterattack with a steal from the front. Mahrez made a pass from the right. Bernardo Silva nodded the ball in front and then touched it. Laporte followed up from a long distance and successfully shot at close range and raised the flag. Signaling for offside, VAR determined that Laporte was offside first and the goal was invalidated. In stoppage time in the first half, Manchester City’s left-handed cross into the penalty area was blocked, Bernardo Silva followed up with a header and Patricio fell to the ground and struggling to block the ball. The B seat shot again from a small angle. Hit fly.

In the 51st minute, De Bruyne inserted his left foot into the penalty area and took a low shot from the far corner. Patricio fell to the ground and touched the ball with his fingertips. The ball rubbed the post and went out of the baseline. In the 61st minute, Moutinho spun into the penalty area with a free-kick, and Claudie headed through the goal and broke the net, 1-1! The Wolves scored with the first shot of the game. In the 65th minute, the B seat went straight into the penalty area, and Jesus reversibly inserted his right foot into the penalty area and made a vigorously diagonal shot. The ball was blocked by Patricio.

In the 68th minute, Traore broke into the penalty area with a counterattack. He faced Diaz’s defense and shot directly with the ball above the crossbar. In the 74th minute, Manchester City hit the upload from the right, Sterling hit the goal with a very free heel, the ball rubbed the post, and went out of the baseline. In the 77th minute, Sterling drew out of the penalty area and shot with a right-footed arc ball. The ball hit the outside of the post and bounced out of the baseline. Manchester City was out of luck. In the 80th minute, Mahrez made a straight pass. Walker hit the low pass on the right at high speed. The ball hit Dendon Kerr and bounced back. Jesus shot through the net with his left foot in front of the restricted area, 2-1 Spark Global Limited!

By Ethan