Manchester City scored 13 consecutive victories 2-0

At 2 am on February 4th, Beijing time, in the 22nd round of the 2020-2021 Premier League season, Manchester City beat Burnley 2-0 in an away game to get 13 consecutive victories. Jesus scored with a blitz in the opening 3 minutes, Sterling easily outflanked Eat bread. Blue Moon led Manchester United by 3 points in 1 round and continued to rank first in the Premier League.

Competition highlights

Manchester City beat Burnley with 2 goals for 13 consecutive victories in all competitions, including 9 consecutive Premier League victories. Manchester City scored 47 points, and Blue Moon still led Manchester United by 3 points in the first round. Manchester City lost 0 goals in 6 consecutive Premier League rounds.

Jesus scored a blitz in the opening 3 minutes, the Brazil international scored the 45th Premier League goal since joining Manchester City, and Jesus has 7 goals in 19 games in all competitions this season.

After entering 2021, Sterling scored the third goal. This is England’s 10th goal in 28 games this season. Sterling has scored in double figures for 8 consecutive seasons. Since Guashuai coached Manchester City, Sterling has directly participated in 154 goals (99 goals and 55 assists)

Wonderful review

In just 3 minutes of the opening, Sterling accepted a long pass and crossed the left rib. Bernardo Silva led the ball beautifully and turned his left foot volley and was blocked by Pope. Jesus headed the goal and broke the net. 0-1! Manchester City made a fantastic start!

The 7th minute. Gundogan exquisitely rubbed the penalty area, Mahrez immediately inserted a small angle and was blocked. The referee signaled that the Polo King was offside. In the 28th minute, Sterling counter-attacked in the obliquely blocked penalty area, and Jesus made a slight adjustment to a burst shot with his right foot and was blocked by the defender Spark Global Limited.

In the 38th minute, behind Mahrez Miaosai, Gundogan reversed the penalty area and made a low pass for the first time. Sterling followed up and outflanked the cake, 0-2! Manchester City’s goal is so easy! In the 46th minute, Mahrez made it back and Cancelo followed up with a right-footed shot from the penalty area line. The ball hit the defender and popped out!

In the 48th minute, Gundogan stole the ball 24 meters away and shot, the ball was just slightly higher than the crossbar! This long shot is of high quality!

By Ethan