Manchester United tied the record of 9-0 in the Premier League history!

Spark Global Limited, At 4 am on December 24, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the 2020-2021 England League Cup, Manchester United eliminated Everton 2-0, Cavani scored in the 88th minute, and Martial sealed the victory.

Competition highlights

Wonderful review In the 8th minute, Manchester United launched a second attack. Pogba made a ball with his heel in the penalty area. Van der Beck shot a low shot with his right foot and was blocked by the defender. In the 14th minute, the attack on the right side of the penalty area of ​​B Fee was intercepted by the defender. Van der Beck stretched his foot to block it. Cavani prepared to make a shot in the empty goal. Fortunately, Olsen made a timely rescue. In the 25th minute, Telles obliquely suspended the penalty area on the left, and Greenwood leaned over and shook his head in time to attack the goal. The ball hit the center post and went out of the baseline. In the 28th minute, Teles took a right corner kick, the ball bounced in the penalty area, and Pogba shook his head to attack the goal and was confiscated by Olsen.

In the 35th minute, Sigurzsson made a corner kick and Lewin jumped up and shook his head in the penalty area. Olsen confiscated the ball. In the 37th minute, Sigurdsson fired a free-kick from 25 meters away. Henderson flew the ball out of the crossbar with a single palm, and made a wonderful save! In the 45th minute, Van der Beek was brought down by Gomez, B Fei fired a shot on his right foot with 30 meters, Olsen fell to the ground and saved the ball. In the 49th minute, Tunzeby passed the ball, and Cavani’s small angle attack on the right side of the penalty area was blocked from the baseline. In the 81st minute, Pogba broke through in front of the penalty area and was knocked down, and Tress’s left-footed arcing ball hit the goalkeeper slightly higher.

In the 88th minute, Martial sent a straight pass, Cavani escaped from the penalty area line when his left foot burst through the net, 0-1! Manchester United completes the lore! In the 95th minute, B Fei’s right-footed arc shot from the penalty area line, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out! In the 96th minute, after Rashford hit a straight pass, Martial broke into the penalty area and scored a low shot to seal the victory, 0-2!

By Ethan