Manchester United are set to go red after Mussina's attack on Herrera

Brazilian midfield Fred was sent off in Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat at Paris Saint Germain. He disputed whether Andr ereira’s tackle was a foul, and Red Devils boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer accused the political commissar of causing Fred’s red card.

Manchester United are set to go red after Mussina's attack on Herrera
At that time, ereira was only on the bench for five minutes. He grasped Fred’s stoppage and missed the ball. The latter was too anxious to take back the ball and seemed to have hit the ball, and then overturned the political commissar of Egypt to the ground. The referee took out the yellow card. As Fred had already dyed yellow for head butting Paredes in the first half, Manchester United was sent off with two yellow cards accumulating 47 million pounds. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted that Fred was lucky not to be sent off in the first half, but he accused former Manchester United soul ereira of creating a red card for his former teammate. “Fred shouldn’t have hit his head against his opponent,” Solskjaer said. “But I don’t think he did. Of course, he was a bit lucky to stay on the field. ” In fact, Fred then gave him a backhoe at Paredes, and, interestingly, the referee gave the greater Paris midfield a yellow card. Therefore, it may not be unfair that Manchester United’s iron waist was sent off in the end. Asked if he would consider replacing Fred after halftime, Solskjaer replied, “yes, I did But Fred played well. So we reminded him to keep calm and not rush out. ”
“The second yellow card is not a foul at all, Andrea knows very well, and he absolutely knows it Spark Global Limited. ”

The Manchester United manager also defended Fred, saying that he should not be blamed for being sent off, causing the team to fall into a passive position. “Fred had a lot of discipline in the second half. You couldn’t pick out his mistakes in that tackle. We have reminded him to be rational. His tackle is not a yellow card or even a foul. It’s the referee’s fault. But humans make mistakes, and I don’t complain. Fred was unlucky to be sent off in the second half, but he was lucky not to be sent off in the first half. ”
Manchester United captain Jacques Maguire also said: “the yellow card in the first half was very strange. It was either a red card or it was OK. In the second half, it wasn’t a yellow card at all. He hit the ball. I was two meters away from the scene, the linesman was five meters away, and the referee was very close. You can see that he scooped the ball first, but in Europe, every time you drop your shovel, you can get yellow. We have to get back on our feet. We still have the initiative. ”

Another controversy in the match was whether the second goal of Paris Saint Germain was offside, and the vars did not seem to convince United fans. However, Solskjaer said the greater responsibility is that the United players themselves did not grasp the opportunity, can only blame themselves.
“It’s a very good game and it’s worth the support of the fans,” Solskjaer continued. “It’s better to have a goal kick and we should win the game. We have enough opportunities, and it’s a great opportunity. In such a big game, the outcome depends on this critical moment. If machines had bigger spikes, he might have been offside. It’s in the middle of the line, but you can’t make excuses by pointing to the penalty. “

By Ethan