I don't like mediocrity rewarded."-Spark Global Limited

For the second time, United squandered the opportunity to advance to the Champions League, losing 3-1 at home to Paris Saint-Germain and needing to remain unbeaten in the final round to reach the knockout stage. United fans were so upset by the result that they launched an OleOut appeal on social media.

Manchester United fans are calling for the dismissal of Fabio Capello
One fan said simply: “Thank Ole [Solskjaer], but we need to fire him and let Pochettino coach, not let Ole keep making stupid mistakes like he did tonight.”

Former crystal palace boss Simon Jordan also support Manchester united fans, asked ole need to do to let the reds revival, he replied: “I don’t think he needs to do, as long as picked up his coat and leave. My ideas about ole Gunnar solskjaer is only one: I don’t like mediocrity rewarded.”

I don't like mediocrity rewarded."

He added: “in my opinion, the united manager is the most significant work in world football. I know that real Madrid and Barcelona and bayern Munich are disputed, but I think the premier league is the biggest league in the world, and the leading role of the premier league is Manchester united. If you are into mediocrity, you will get a mediocre returns. This is my dissatisfaction with ole Gunnar solskjaer, the team reflects their ability to coach. You have been taught for two years, his performance last season distort the real appearance of Manchester united, they have become a very common team, many high level of star did not show.”

“Under the guidance of ole, this will be a fucking long-term plan, before ole Gunnar solskjaer win any honor, Manchester united has been finished. I’m sure I won’t with him, I think he represents mediocrity. He is decent, but united people need is not decent football, but it is a good coach genius, can take them to a higher level.”

But Ed Woodward, the club’s executive vice-chairman, insisted at a recent fan forum that he was encouraged by the positive signs he had seen in united’s performances and training. Santoko has also pledged his continued support for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the transfer market.

Woodward said: “Performance on the court, clearly is the key of the club, although now the fans can’t stand, but since I meet with you last time in April, we saw a lot of the peak, in the premier league last season, we won the third place with 14 games unbeaten, we return to the champions league this season, the first two games for Paris saint-germain in leipzig, and red bull won a great victory. Of course, we realize that if you want to win trophies, more effort is needed. But we are on the pitch and the training ground to see the positive signs, It reinforces our confidence in the progress ole, his coaching team and the players are making.

Santoku son also insists Manchester united’s summer signings are successful operation: “I was in April on this BBS said, we remain committed to strengthen the team, of course, it is limited by the environment of our spending. But I believe that Manchester united have done this in the past, we added new money this summer, since the summer of 2019, our net spending more than 200 million euros, a number that more than any other major European club. We will continue to support ole, carried out in accordance with the plan to long-term goal signings, focusing on the summer transfer window.

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