Manchester United will be digging for Real Madrid

        Manchester United is 12 points behind Manchester City, and I am afraid it will be difficult to compete with Blue Moon this season. So where is Manchester United so bad? The Premier League Red Devils have conceded 32 goals this season, while Manchester City has only conceded 16 goals. Among the top 4 Premier League teams, Manchester United has conceded the most goals. “World Sport,” said that in order to improve the defense, Manchester United is ready to offer 85 million euros for Varane this summer. Varane’s contract with Real Madrid will expire in the summer of 2022, and the French are not positive about the renewal. The media claimed that if Varane does not renew his contract with Real Madrid, Warships will push him into the transfer market this summer. At present, Manchester United is the club most interested in signing Varane. The Red Devils have been following him for a long time, and even Ferguson wanted him as early as 2011, but Zidane took Varane with him on a phone call. Arrived at Real Madrid.

    If there is a chance to get Varane now, Manchester United doesn’t want to miss the opportunity anymore. The 27-year-old Varane is one of Zidane’s most trusted players. In the 10 seasons he played for Real Madrid, he has played 350 games for the team and scored 17 goals. He followed the team to 18 championships. title. Varane + Ramos is considered to be Real Madrid’s strongest central defender combination, but both of them are likely to leave the team this summer.

Manchester United plans to create the strongest central defender combination of Maguire + Varane. The combined transfer fee of the two will exceed 170 million euros. This season Solskjaer’s main central defender partner is Lindelof + Maguire, but Lindelof’s performance is not stable. He also has the title of “Lindelof”. In contrast, Varane is sure It’s much more robust. If Maguire + Varane can support the defense, Manchester United will be more confident next season to attack the championship on all fronts.

    However, it is not easy for Manchester United to get Varane. Liverpool, Chelsea, and Paris Saint-Germain are also very concerned about the progress of the French central defender’s contract renewal. Everyone knows that the only drawback of good things is that they are expensive. Liverpool has already tasted the sweetness of Van Dyke. If Varane can help the team again, the Red Army’s defense will not be worried at all Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan