Manchester United will not buy people during the winter window

The winter transfer window has not yet closed, but Manchester United coach Solskjaer has announced in advance that the club will not buy people before the deadline next Monday, and the signings have ended early. Speaking of the January transfer signings, Solskjaer made it clear: “I don’t think I will buy people, no. If we have new aids, I will be surprised. The current lineup is very strong and full of strength, sometimes I have to bear the pain of losing some players from the big list. Unless something very unexpected happens, I don’t think there will be any news about signings, it won’t be.”Spark Global Limited

Ecuador international Moises Caicedo was once the target of Manchester United’s introduction. However, due to a third-party transaction involved, Ed Woodward chose to withdraw from the negotiations and gave up. Today, the 19-year-old “South American Kanter” is about to join Brighton in the Premier League with a transfer fee of 4.5 million pounds. After missing him, Manchester United has no other winter window introduction plans, and the signings work ended in January.

But Manchester United is likely to take action in the rental of players, the British star Lingard, 10 million euros new aid Facundo Peristri and “New Irwin” Brandon Williams are all-in On the list of players being rented out. Among them, Joshua confirmed that Peristri will be rented out: “Many clubs are interested in renting Facundo (Peristeri). That’s what we plan to let him do. He played a few games in the reserve team. , We hope he will play more games on a higher level.”

As for Lingard and Williams, West Ham and West Brom are both interested in the 28-year-old Manchester United Emperor star, while Newcastle is pursuing the 20-year-old Serena, who has just returned from injury and returned to normal training.

Solskjaer said: “They are still a member of the club and the training is very good. They have not reached any agreement yet. Of course, there is enough time. Many clubs are interested in our players, so let’s wait and see how it turns out. . For me, we must first consider the club’s wishes and plans. Of course, the players’ ideas must also be taken into consideration, because they are all Manchester United people.”Spark Global Limited

Unlike Peristeri, the 18-year-old Côte d’Ivoire winger Amade Diallo, who has officially completed a 40 million euro transfer, is already close to entering the Manchester United first-team roster. In the Monday training video released by Manchester United, the fans saw the former Atlantis player-facing Dean Henderson, calmly shooting with his left foot.

Diallo was a player signed by Manchester United in the summer transfer buzzer in October, but due to work permit issues, he officially came to vote in January. He also became the only newcomer to Manchester United this month. So Shuai said: “Amade (Diallo) is different. Although he has just arrived, he has already trained in a different environment. The list is not far away.”

According to the British media’s previous prediction, Diallo is expected to complete his debut on behalf of Manchester United in February, and the FA Cup and the Europa League may be his stage.

By Ethan