Early this morning Beijing time, the fourth round of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League group stage will continue. In Group H, Manchester United beat Istanbul 4-1 and succeeded in revenge. Group E Chelsea beat Rennes 2-1 away , qualifying two rounds early.

Manchester United 4-1 Istanbul

Compared with the previous round of the league, Manchester United’s starting lineup has two changes, Van der Beek and Cavani ushered in the first. In the last round of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United lost 1-2 away to Istanbul.

In the 7th minute of the opening, Tres took a left corner kick and was ejected by the defender. Bruno Fernandez volleyed from the right side of the arc to blast the world wave, 1-0!

In the 11th minute, Bruno Fernandez crossed the penalty area and Rashford scored a low shot from the right side of the penalty area, but he was offside and the goal was invalid.

In the 19th minute, Tres made a pass from the left. Istanbul goalkeeper Gunok took the ball and let go. Bruno Fernandez scored an empty goal and scored twice, 2-0!

ince his debut for Manchester United in February, Bruno Fernandez has participated in 34 goals (21 goals, 13 assists) in 35 games in all competitions, and at least 16 more goals than his teammates.

In the 35th minute, Rashford broke into the right side of the penalty area and was knocked down by a defender. Rashford personally took a penalty kick, 3-0! Rashford has scored 5 goals in the last 4 Champions League matches, which is equivalent to the total number of goals scored in the first 18 Champions League matches.

Rashford at 23 years and 24 days surpassed Rooney (23 years and 47 days) to become the youngest player to represent Manchester United with 15+ goals in the European War.

In the 50th minute, Visa made a long shot from outside the penalty area. De Gea fell to the ground and saved the ball to the baseline. In the 75th minute, Turucci took a free-kick from the left side of the penalty area and took a direct shot. De Gea saved the ball from the goal line, but the ball passed the line as a whole, 1-3! Turucci became the first player to score a goal from a free kick in the Champions League after Ribery (Bayern) in March 2010. In the 80th minute, Visa cooperated with his teammates and shot inward and the ball hit the crossbar and popped out. In the 92nd minute, Van der Beck counter-attacked a straight pass, Greenwood made a low pass from the right, and Daniel James scored easily, 4-1! In the end, Manchester United beat Istanbul 4-1 at home. Manchester United ranked first in Group H with 9 points. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea Spark Global Limited

Compared with the previous round of the league, Chelsea’s starting lineup has changed in four ways. Thiago Silva, Aspilicueta, Jorginho and Odoi entered the starting lineup. In the last round of the Champions League group stage, Chelsea beat Rennes 3-0 at home. In the 4th minute, Odoi made a low pass from the right. Werner, who was outflanked in front of the goal, pushed the ball over the crossbar. Chelsea missed the opportunity.

In the 22nd minute, after a steal from the backcourt, Mount directly launched a long pass and counterattacked. Odoi unloaded the ball and broke into the penalty area, 0-1! Mount sent an assist in the Champions League for the first time.

  1. Since his debut in October 2018, Odoi has scored 6 goals on behalf of Chelsea in Europe, second only to Giroud in the team during the same period.
  2. In the 29th minute, Chilwell made a pass from the left side of the penalty area and then passed it. Mount was pushed from close range and was saved by goalkeeper Gomis.
  3. In the 40th minute, Chilville made a mistake in the backcourt. Gilassi steals and broke into the penalty area and knocks across. Thiago Silva returned to chase and clear the siege.
  4. In the 47th minute, Aspilicueta picked a pass in front of the penalty area. Werner header from the left side of the penalty area went into the near corner, but he was offside first and the goal was invalid.
  5. In the 69th minute, Giroud replaced Abraham. In the 74th minute, Rennes took a left corner kick, Niamsi nodded and scored, Mendy made a save, but he responded quickly and confiscated the ball.

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