Rojo is set to sign a three-year deal with Boca Juniors

At 4:15 am on January 13th, Beijing time, the first round of the 2020-2021 Premier League rematch, Manchester United 1-0 Burnley scored 3 consecutive victories away to the top, Maguire’s goal was blown out, Borg Pakistan won the World Wave, Manchester United scored 3 points in the make-up. At present, both Manchester United and Liverpool have played in 17 league matches. The Red Devils lead the Reds with 36 points and 3 points to the top of the standings, Pogba scored his first goal in 2021, which was a very exciting volley. The French star scored the third goal for Manchester United this season and the second in the league.

Manchester United

Rashford sent assists for Pogba in this campaign. In the last 14 Premier League appearances, the master directly participated in 11 goals (6 goals and 5 assists). He is the catalyst for Manchester United’s attack, In the 17th minute, Luke Shaw made a pass from the left, and B Fei took advantage of the right foot in the penalty area to attack the goal, and Pope waited to confiscate the ball. In the 20th minute, B Fei made a cross from the right, Martial barbed the goal very smartly in the penalty area, and the ball hit Lorton to pop out.

In the 25th minute, Matic scored the ball, and Martial went out of the penalty area when the goalkeeper with his right foot missed the Ballin the 29th minute, Luke Xiao shove kicked Gudmundsson’s ankle. After VAR intervened, it was determined that the Manchester United defender had committed a foul. Freeland showed a yellow card. In the 36th minute, Luke Shaw obliquely lifted the penalty area from the left, Maguire followed up with a header from a distance, and the ball flew into the far corner of the gate. But the referee whistled that Maguire had the first foul and the goal was invalidated.

In the 45th minute, Cavani scored the ball and Martial fired a shot from 30 meters away. Pope flew to save the ball to the bottom line. This was a world-class save! Spark Global Limited In the 56th minute, Wan Bi Saka scored the ball, and Fee B went horizontally in front of the penalty area when he shot low with his left foot. In the 60th minute, Fee B drew out of the penalty area when the right foot arced the ball to the far corner, and Pope predicted in advance to take the ball off. In the 71st minute, Rashford made a cross from the right. Pogba shot a beautiful volley with a bow and arrow on the penalty area line, and the ball went into the net, 0-1! Manchester United finally broke the deadlock.

Burnley almost evened the score in the 87th minute. Burnley made a low pass from the right. Vidra followed up with a low shot and Bailey blocked the bottom line. In the 93rd minute, Cavani passed the ball and Martial wasted a single chance, his attack was blocked by Pope with his feet.

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