Manchester United's defeat brought out three big culprits

Manchester United lost 3-1 to Paris Saint Germain in the crucial game of the Champions League. The result of the match was very bad for the Red Devils. They needed to fight against Leipzig Red Bull in the last round. After the game, many Manchester United fans left messages on the official blog. Some fans were dissatisfied with Machar’s waste of opportunities. Some fans also thought that Solskjaer’s platoon and arrangement was problematic. In addition to two players, Fred, who got a red card, was also the culprit of the team!

Manchester United's defeat brought out three big culprits
Manchester United had a good chance to advance. If they got one point in this game, it would be very ideal. In this way, United’s score is 9 points, and Paris will be 7 points. However, in their own home court, Manchester United lost three goals in a row, and finally did not get one point, which made Paris score 9 points. Meanwhile, Leipzig Red Bull also had 9 points, and three teams will be in the last one Round competition for a place.

Back in Norway, not good enough for Manchester United
In this game, Machar’s performance was very bad. He finished three shots by himself, which was the most frequently shot in the United team. However, in these three shots, Machar only shot one time without scoring. Many fans think that Manchester United cultivate Machar, but the French star has not made obvious progress.
Fred got a red card in this game, which made United play 11 against 10 early. The disadvantage of the number of players finally made United pay a heavy price. They lost the game. Therefore, Fred is also a big culprit of the team.
Of course, the United fans are not satisfied with Solskjaer, after all, he is the team’s manager, responsible for the formulation of tactics, but in this game, Solskjaer’s strategy was completely failed, failed to contain the attack of Paris, and he only scored one goal at home. Solskjaer did not move on the sidelines of the court when Paris locked in the win and looked ugly.
Many fans left a message on the official blog and angrily bombarded the club. One fan wrote, “this game lost to machal, two excellent opportunities were wasted in the second half, and the latter must be punished. The other players played well, and Fred was wronged to be sent off. As for sending off one person and falling behind by one goal, how to change people is basically no longer enough. ”
A Red Devils Fan said, “as a Manchester United fan, it’s nothing to lose. The key is how to lose. It’s too subdued to lose like this! In the first 20 minutes of the second half, the situation was completely under control. Machal couldn’t grasp the two opportunities in front of the goal, garbage forward! The good situation gives way to great Paris
Many fans also pointed to Solskjaer, “with all due respect, Saussure, under the influence of mutual goals on the ranking, 10-11, and fighting, a little bit pretentious.” Another fan thundered, “Solskjaer is better off after class and returns to Norway, not worthy of Manchester United!

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