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Van der Beek has been under scrutiny since joining United for a transfer fee of nearly 40 million euros this summer. The loudest voices come from Famous Dutch figures such as Marco van Basten, one of the “three Dutch musketries”, who believes he should not have joined Manchester United but should have waited for a better opportunity before signing for another team. Former Holland international Van der Joop has questioned Van der Beek’s abilities, saying the Dutch midfielder is not a world-class player and would not be suitable for Manchester United. “Van der Beek is not a world-class player, he is better suited to Everton. Fernandes has the ability to score, he can attack from deep and a lot of his passes make you think, ‘I’ve never seen a pass like this. ‘” “When Van der Beck passes you think: ‘I see this passing too. Not surprising. The question is, do you think Van der Baker is still extremely adaptable? Will he play better than the season he reached the semi-finals of the Champions League?

he reached the semi-finals of the Champions League?
To put it bluntly, Mr Van der Jip does not think Mr Van der Beck has the aggression and creativity of Mr B Fee. This is a fact, there is no question about it. But does that make him a better fit for Everton? This is debatable. B fei is able to pass the ball that others dare not. This requires vision, skill, imagination, and more importantly, courage. Therefore, The success rate of B Fei’s pass is low, only 76%, but once the pass is in place, he can let his teammates directly get the chance to score the goal. As a result, he is by far the Premier League’s most prolific passer. Pogba has played such a role at United for the past few years. But the French midfielder has suffered a string of injuries over the past two years, has been inconsistent and criticised for his attitude, and has been distracted by the question of a new contract. As a result, United needs to bring in a new central midfielder. Fortunately, Faisal quickly replaced pogba in midfield and surpassed him in importance.

But what is the transfer fee for B fee? The basic transfer fee is €55m, with more than €80m if floating and secondary transfers are included. Van der Beek’s transfer fee is 39 million euros, less than 40 million. “You get what you pay for,” as the saying goes, and to expect a Performance like Mr. Van der Baker’s Is to be expected. In addition, a player of Such quality and spirit as Fabregas, who fits United so well, is absolutely impossible to come by, and van der Beek should not be held to the standards of Fabregas. If only Such a player could play for United, how many of the current United midfielders fit the bill?

Van der Beck also has his own technical expertise, and his ability to play offense and defense together gives him the foundation to be a B2B player. With Pogba’s future uncertain, van der Beek’s emergence has allowed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to take it in stride. We agree that Van der Beek is not a world-class player and 40 million is not going to buy a world-class player. Is he a better fit for Everton? World-class players can only prove themselves at big clubs. United are on their way back to world-class status and this is where Van der Beek will prove himself. Early setbacks have added to the chorus, but as long as he continues to show his ability, all doubts will be dispelled.

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