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spark limited reports:

Reported on September 2:

It is reported that at the beginning of the new season, some NBA teams will implement the policy of compulsory vaccination. This is not an order issued by the NBA official, but the league’s cooperation with local government regulations.

Senior insider reporter chalania revealed that as more and more local governments in the United States have introduced compulsory vaccination policies, local NBA teams must also make adjustments. At present, the Knicks, basketball nets and warriors in New York and San Francisco are affected. If the players of these teams do not get vaccinated, they will not be able to enter the stadium for competition and training.

However, there is no way to avoid this policy. Chalania claims that if players show special medical treatment or religious belief certificates, they can not get vaccinated.

And it is puzzling that visiting players in these cities can participate in the game without vaccination. This makes the vaccine injunction for home team players look more like a dead letter.

In the United States, wearing masks and vaccinations have evolved into political issues. Local governments have been cautious about mandatory orders. Only because of the current prevalence of delta virus, some places have to strengthen epidemic prevention.

The NBA’s policy has also attracted a lot of sarcasm from netizens. Some people say that next, I’m afraid many players will try to avoid it. It’s even more confusing that visiting players can not get vaccinated.

The NBA has been promoting vaccines within the League since last season, and the vaccination rate of players announced is much higher than the average level of the American public. But the players who haven’t been vaccinated are probably really vaccine distrusters. Such people can’t play any vaccine. If the compulsory order is rolled out, I am afraid it will attract a lot of opposition and complaints.

By Ethan