I don’t think Manchester City is the Champions League favorite

Spark Global Limited, Live broadcast, December 28, BBC News, originally scheduled to kick-off at 4 o’clock tomorrow morning in the 16th round of the Premier League, Manchester City away from Everton game was postponed due to the detection of positive cases of the new crown in the visiting team Manchester City before the game. Soon after, Manchester City officially issued an announcement confirming that the team had added multiple positive cases of the new crown in the latest test. Manchester City’s training ground will be temporarily closed, and a new crown test will be conducted tomorrow, and this game will be held on an optional schedule.

Manchester city

Three days ago, Manchester City officially announced that Jesus, Walker, and two club staff tested positive for the new crown. The official announcement of the Premier League:

Originally scheduled to be at 4 o’clock tomorrow morning, this round of Manchester City and Everton’s match will be postponed because the club received feedback from multiple players that tested positive this morning. This result makes things uncontrollable, and the medical department’s advice to the Premier League is to postpone the game. The Premier League, therefore, decided to take precautions and will reschedule the game time and will also conduct further testing tomorrow. The Premier League puts the health of players and staff in the first place to make this decision. The Premier League still has confidence in the existing policies and rules, as well as the implementation of the club. We wish all people affected by COVID-19 recover as soon as possible and will reschedule the games of the two teams at an appropriate time

By Ethan