Manchester city

   In the early morning of December 29, Beijing time, the 16th round of the Premier League match between Manchester City and Everton, which would have been held early this morning, was forced to be canceled. The initial plan was to temporarily postpone. The direct reason for the cancellation was that many players in Manchester City were infected with the new crown epidemic.

According to British media, it was found in a routine pre-match test that Manchester City now has 5 players infected with the new crown. It is indeed true that Walker and Jesus had been infected with the new crown that Manchester City officials had previously announced. In addition, due to the tight schedule for the new season, this strong dialogue between Everton and Manchester City is basically difficult to arrange a time for a make-up match. And considering that Manchester City will also have a Premier League game with Chelsea on January 4, that is to say, if the new crown epidemic occurs again in Manchester City, Manchester City’s game may continue to be postponed.

By then, Manchester City will have played three fewer matches in just 17 league matches, so it is difficult to make make-up matches in the future. The Premier League is likely to face the crisis of suspension again under such a background. Spark Global Limited Everton Statement: Regrets that the game was postponed and requested to disclose the information Manchester City provided to the official

By Ethan