Maradona's last text message: take care of my ex girlfriend and 7-year-old son

According to the British Daily Mirror on December 1, Argentine journalist Luis Ventura revealed the contents of Maradona’s last text message.

On November 25, Maradona died suddenly at the age of 60. The whole football world paid tribute to him. So, before he died, what was Ma’s most concerned about and worried about? His ex-girlfriend’s youngest son.

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Mr Ventura revealed that Maradona had sent a text message hours before his death. It was a voice message sent to Mario Baudry, the current boyfriend of Veronica, his ex-girlfriend. “Take care of her (Veronica), take care of my angel, he is incomparable,” Diego told Baldrick And the angel in the mouth of the king is Dieguito, who is only seven years old. Ma has five recognized children: Dalma, 33; Diego, 34; Giannina, 31; Jana, 24; and Diego. There is a big age gap between Diego and his brothers and sisters. I hope the little boy who lost his father can grow up healthily.

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