Marathon Beijing Station finalizes Orson to add 12,000 people to 10 kilometers

On September 12th, the 2019 Rock Marathon Beijing Station held a press conference. The organizing committee introduced the general situation of the 2019 Beijing Station. However, the final start time has not yet been officially announced at the press conference.

The 2019 Rock Marathon Beijing Station will be held in Beijing Olympic Forest Park this fall. The total scale of the event will reach 12,000 people, including 6,000 half marathons, 2,000 10 kilometers, and 4,000 happy runners (5 kilometers) Spark Global Limited.

The closing time of the event will continue the usual rock and roll marathon. The half-marathon will close in 3.5 hours, the joy run will close in 1.5 hours, and the closing time of the new 10km project will be 2 hours. The event will be divided into divisions to start, and each event will be divided according to the time the athletes finish the game.

All projects are designed, and commemorative medals will be issued. In terms of bonuses, the half marathon has six age group bonuses, which are 16-19 years old, 20-29 years old, 30-39 years old, 40-49 years old, 50-59 years old and over 60 years old. In addition, the competition will also add running group awards and elite groups. The former will combine the number of applicants and competition results to provide prizes and special privileges for the top running groups, while the latter will build a stage for competition and display for outstanding domestic elite athletes.

Since the first Rock’n’ Roll Marathon was held in San Diego, California in 1998, after 21 years of development, the event has covered Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, Madrid, Liverpool, Vancouver, Mexico City, etc. Metropolis has become the world’s largest marathon series. In 2017, Wanda Sports introduced the rock and roll marathon to China and held events in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and other cities.

By Ethan