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This is the waiver line for week six of fantasy hockey.
Minnesota is one of nine teams that will play four games over the next week, and with more than 50 percent of their players available in the Yahoo fantasy hockey league, they find themselves a top target for managers.
Here’s the top save line added for week 6.
Target :RW Jordan Eberle, Seattle Kraken(Yahoo ranked 35%)
These days, Jordan Eberle is scoring behind the net on almost every shot, and on this streak, more fantasy coaches should pay attention to the winger.
In the past nine games, Eberle has scored eight goals on 25 shots for a 32 percent shooting percentage. Although he won’t continue scoring at this rate, there are plenty of indications eberle has 30-plus goals this season. First, he’s been on the ice for a long time with the Seattle Seahawks. He averaged 16:45 on the ice with the New York Islanders last year and 18:44 this time, which is quite a jump. In addition, his shots per game has edged up from 2.33 to 2.53, and he is on track to complete 208 shots on goal, which would be his highest goal difference in a single season.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

Seattle plays three games this week, but Eberle could be a long-term solution for the team as it tries to galvanize its opponents.
Mat Zuccarello fantasy hockey is a popular walter-wire who joined the program starting with six points in his first four games this year, but with four games in the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol, his production costs have weakened somewhat, just as he has in three points in his last six games. With the Wild playing four games in Week 6, Zuccarello is a good target for those in need of help.

He has six assists in 10 appearances and will continue to win titles as long as he is with Kilir Kaprizov. It is a great fantasy to play alongside the Russian striker with equal quality and power. Caprizov also seems to be heating up, as he has scored three goals in his last six games, a development that will only increase Zuccarllo’s value.
Zuccarello could also help fantasy coaches who need more power scoring, as he already has four points this season.

Plus or minus: D. Nick Jensen, Washington, D.C. (Yahoo 11%)
Nick Jensen leads the NHL with a plus-15 rating this year, and given that the Washington Capitals have four winnable games coming up this week, he’s a positive addition for those who need a positive impact.

The Caps will play the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, SAN Jose Sharks and Sea Monsters, and while the Ducks and Kings have vastly outperformed expectations, Washington still has a better record than all of those teams.

Moreover, what makes Jensen a hot pick is his category coverage. The blue line has recorded two goals, six points, 24 shots on goal, 25 kills, and 23 blocks. So far, he’s given fantasy managers a little bit of everything, especially on defense.

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