shine trade live reports

shine trade live reports:

Reported on September 13:

On September 12 local time, McGrady updated his personal social media to wish Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, a happy 41st birthday. In addition to the text blessing, McGrady also showed some videos and group photos of Yao Ming teaching him to use chopsticks and the two in the game.

“Happy 41st birthday to Yao Ming! The duo’s game in the mid-2000s looked very interesting. Slide ➡️ To learn some of the best moments and highlights of the duo! ”

In the first picture, McGrady showed Yao Ming’s words: “in this big reversal game, McGrady and I cut 15 points at the last minute.”

Yao Ming’s remark refers to McGrady’s last 35.13 seconds to reverse the Spurs. In the back is the video of Yao Ming teaching McGrady and uncle Mu to use chopsticks. In the video, Yao Ming’s explanation was very patient, but the actions of McGrady and other people seemed very clumsy, which made everyone laugh.

Yao Ming teaches McGrady to use chopsticks (source: Netease sports)

After that, there are some videos of McGrady sending assists to Yao Ming in the game and their group photos. All these contents together, it seems that McGrady’s blessing is very distracted.

Yao Ming was selected by the Rockets as the No. 1 player to enter the NBA in 2002. In 2004, the Rockets signed McGrady in the free agent market. Since then, the “Yao Mai” combination has been officially formed. But after many years of cooperation, both of them suffered injuries and failed to make a breakthrough in the playoffs.

By Ethan