McMillan becomes Hawks' temporary Manager

According to Woshen, Nate McMillan has accepted the position of temporary manager of the eagles. Before that, McMillan was assistant coach of the eagles this season.


McMillan becomes Hawks' temporary Manager

McMillan has been the coach of Seattle sonics, Portland Trail Blazers and Indiana Pacers for 16 years. He led the team to win 667 and lose 591 with a winning rate of 53.0%.


Early this morning, the Hawks fired manager Pierce, McMillan was the Hawks assistant.


In a statement, Travis Schlenk, President and general manager of Eagle basketball operations, wrote: “we would like to thank pierce for his work and his contribution to the eagles and Atlanta. Pierce and his wife are amazing people who have had a positive impact on the city. We have high expectations for the team’s performance and hope to make the team get better results in the second half through the present changes


On May 12, 2018, Pierce was appointed as the 13th manager in the history of the eagles. During the coaching period, he led the eagles to play 183 games with 63 wins and 120 losses. The Hawks didn’t make it to the playoffs when Pierce was in charge.

By Ethan