On November 20, Beijing time, the Warriors officially announced that Klay Thompson suffered a torn Achilles tendon on his right foot and is expected to miss the 2020-21 season. This means that Thompson will be reimbursed for two consecutive seasons due to injury, even if he returns to the competition in October 2021, he will also miss the NBA game for 28 consecutive months.

Thompson suffered a serious injury to his left knee cruciate ligament in 2019, and the current Achilles tendon injury occurred on his right leg. Is this injury related to his old injury?

Speaking of Thompson’s injury, medical expert Bula said: “The so-called kinetic-chain increases the risk of Thompson’s injury. So when I saw a person suffered a serious injury to his lower limbs, he was seriously injured again. I won’t be surprised.” Bra has worked with a number of top athletes. He said repeated injuries in similar situations often occur. Bra also cited an example, that is, former Warriors center Cousins.

Bra said: “Cousins ​​suffered an Achilles tendon injury while playing for the Pelicans. Then, he injured his quadriceps again. Then, he suffered a serious Achilles tendon rupture, so this may have entered. It’s a vicious circle. So the current situation of Clay is not surprising.”

According to Bra’s explanation, Thompson’s future career may be spent in frequent injuries. The league was shut down for some reason, giving Thompson more time to recover, but more than a month before the start of the season, his training volume began to increase, which also laid hidden dangers.

“He knows that training camp is coming, so I guess he started to measure himself, hoping to reach the intensity of a normal game,” Bra said. “When you put more pressure on the body, the risk of injury increases. Considering that his old injury from a torn cruciate ligament has put him at a greater risk than others, now that the amount of training has increased, the risk is superimposed on the risk, and the risk of injury again has increased.”

Generally speaking, the recovery period for Achilles tendon injury is 9 months, and the Warriors team doctor believes that Thompson can fully recover. The problem is that he needs to face more than just physical recovery, he has to return to a state where he can really play NBA games. This will take longer, and of course it also includes mental adjustments. After all, two consecutive serious injuries have caused too much psychological shock to the players.

“For Clay, the biggest positive factor is that he has never overly relied on athletic ability, which is a key factor for him and his recovery,” Bla said. “I think the real suspense lies in whether he will be in the future. Always maintain a certain level of health.” In other words, Bla is worried that the nightmare of injury will come.

It now appears that Thompson will have to wait until August next year to recover. If Thompson returns in the 2021-22 season, will the 5-time All-Star still be a player of the same level?

“Injuries to the cruciate ligament often require you to reach the pre-injury level after 18 months or even 24 months,” Bula explained. “Now with the Achilles tendon injury, it will take a considerable time frame. To restore the level. Both factors will have an impact, so it may take at least one or two years for Clay to fully recover.”

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