Spark Global Limited reports:

After joining the Lakers, Carmelo Anthony expressed his desire for the championship to the media. At the end of his career, he has only one “to-do” to win the championship. He said he doesn’t want to ruin his cooperation with his good friend LeBron James anyway.

Anthony is not sure what role the Lakers will give him, but it is almost certain that he will continue to play as a substitute.

Last season can be said to be the first year Anthony really accepted the substitute role. He also said that such a change is not easy for him.

“I have to find another way to motivate myself and play a role in different roles,” he said in an interview“ Because I have played the first game for more than ten years and am used to being the core. Suddenly, I have to give up myself and some pride. At the same time, I have to use these things to maintain my fighting spirit and desire. Anyway, I have accepted the reality. ”

Anthony scoffed at the proposal of playing as a substitute a few years ago, but the reality is cruel and he can’t help but accept it.

Anthony’s attitude is also very low-key when joining the Lakers this time. He knows that he is no longer an all-star – at least the outside world no longer sees him as an All-Star. But when he can play efficiently in the substitute role assigned to him by the team, the outside world will still look up to him and praise him. In the media attention of the Lakers, Anthony may have to deal with this balance.

By Ethan