Men's Volleyball Team beat Shanghai to win the Super League

Last night, in a focus match of the third round of the Chinese Men’s Volleyball Super League, the Beijing Auto Men’s Volleyball Team defeated the league’s 16th champion Shanghai team 3-2 and won three consecutive victories. Please listen to the report of reporter Li Wei. :

Li Wei

Reporter of Beijing Sports Broadcasting Double Olympics Voice

After a series of twists and turns, the Beijing Auto Men’s Volleyball Team had the last laugh, beating the Shanghai Men’s Volleyball Team 3-2, and also won in the final called the advance preview. In most past seasons, BAIC and Shanghai Men’s Volleyball team competed, and it was often the Shanghai team that finally won. However, this season’s situation has changed. The joining of two powerful foreign aids from BAIC, Maruf, and Kovačević, gave them the capital to compete with the Shanghai team of the All-China class. Sure enough, the BAIC Men’s Volleyball team was in excellent form at the beginning of the game. The first game was won by 25-16. However, in the second game, the Shanghai team stubbornly regained a city 30-28. In the third and fourth games, Beijing and Shanghai both scored 25. Score 20 points each. Seeing that the Shanghai Men’s Volleyball Team had some momentum, but BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team was quite stable this time. In the decisive game, with Jiangchuan’s high-quality serve and Kovacevich’s strong attack, it easily won 15-8 and won the battle.

Men's Volleyball Team beat Shanghai to win the Super League

After the game, BAIC Men’s Volleyball coach Liu Xudong said frankly that both sides played well in this game, and it was quite difficult for BAIC to win the game. In the first and third innings, he won relatively easily, but he lost in the second and fourth innings. Liu Xudong said that the loss of the two innings was because he made more mistakes, especially in the face of the opponent’s impact. However, unlike previous games, BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team had the last laugh in the deciding game. The team’s performance in the fifth game was convincing. Liu Xudong said that in the end, everyone was asked to let go Spark Global Limited.

After defeating the powerful Shanghai team, BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team will usher in another strong opponent in this group tonight, Zhejiang Men’s Volleyball Team. The team will experience another tough battle.

By Ethan