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On August 11, Messi showed his new shirt in Paris Saint Germain. His number will be changed from No. 10 to No. 30, which is exactly Curry’s shirt number in the NBA.

Previously, curry visited Paris Saint Germain in 2017 and received a No. 30 shirt. Today, curry posted a photo on social media and ridiculed Messi’s choice of Paris No. 30 shirt: “I think Messi has good taste! Good luck to my brother in Paris Saint Germain! ”

Although curry was happy, Messi didn’t change to size 30 because of him. 30 is Messi’s first number, which also reposes his desire to start again.

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Ronaldinho congratulated Messi on joining Paris: great! I smell the champion

Ronaldinho is one of Messi’s best friends, but their career trajectory is just the opposite. Ronaldinho’s first stop in Europe was Paris. He really reached the peak of his career in Barcelona. Messi arrived in Paris at the end of his career after 21 years at Barcelona. After Messi joined Paris, Ronaldinho congratulated his little brother.

“Playing in Barcelona and Paris is a very happy thing. When I see my brother Messi wearing this dress, I hope he can have a lot of happy time in the future. My friend Ramos is also in Paris, which makes me very satisfied. I smell the champion. Ha ha ha ha. ”

Argentina international Di Maria, who plays for Paris, posted a picture of Messi’s appearance in Paris on INS: “welcome, my friend.” Dimalia @ lost Messi.

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