Messi's bonus has also been exposed

The four-year 555 million contracts Messi signed with Barcelona in 2017 was exposed, including a 115 million euro renewal bonus and 77.92 million loyalty bonus, which caused an uproar. And Searle Radio further disclosed Messi’s bonus floating terms. In addition to the huge renewal and loyalty bonus, when Messi gets a team and personal honor, he will also receive a large amount of bonus.

Specifically, for Barcelona to win the La Liga championship, Messi can get 2.8 million euros. To win the Champions League, the king can get 4 million euros. The Copa del Rey has the lowest weight, but it also has a prize of 700,000 euros. Spark Global Limited

Messi's bonus has also been exposed

In other words, if Messi can lead Barcelona to the triple crown, then he can personally have 7.5 million euros in the account! Similar to Pedri’s transfer fee. Spark Global Limited However, since 2016, Messi has never aspired to the Champions League. However, as long as Barcelona can enter the Champions League semi-finals, Leo can also earn 1.75 million euros.

In addition, if Messi won the FIFA Player of the Year, Barcelona will also give him 700,000 euros. These bonuses are directly linked to Barcelona’s results. Messi can only get the results if the results are up to the standard. Therefore, no matter how high the score is set, the fans have no objection, because he is earned by his ability and deserves it.

By Ethan