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In the fourth game of the Eastern Conference finals, the Bucks lost 88-110 to the eagles, and the score was 2-2. Middleton got 16 points in 6 of 17 shots, the lowest efficiency of the whole team – 25, 3-pointer 7-shot 0, failed to support the team’s attack. You know, he only scored 38 points in the last game, and some netizens also commented that “Middleton is really a McGrady and a kasby”, which makes people unable to react.

Middleton started with a series of irons on the outside line, and it wasn’t until 4:32 that he finally made a jump shot. However, although the Bucks started slowly, they didn’t lag far behind, because Tucker kept a 100% hit rate and made a timely contribution. In the first quarter, Letterman didn’t score, while Middleton made one of six shots. In the second quarter, the Bucks were still beaten by the eagles, and Middleton’s hand gradually recovered. After playing air contact with Letterman, he hit two middle distance shots one after another.

But after that, the Bucks fell into the scoring shortage again, only got 4 points in the last 4 minutes, which was very ugly. Middleton made 3 of 10 shots (4 of 3) at half-time and scored 8 points.

The start of the second half was good and the Bucks saw the hope of chasing points. But five minutes later, brother Letterman was injured and left, while Middleton, hollerdy and tucker took turns to fight, and the Bucks fell behind more and more. No letter brother, Middleton and iron into this, bucks to turn over is basically a dream.

The eagles are better than the bucks in their mental state and fighting action. After three quarters, the bucks are 25 points behind, and Middleton has made 0 of 7 shots in the outside line.

In the fourth quarter, the suspense is not much. Middleton played in 7:31 seconds. Although he assisted Connaughton to play 2 + 1, the eagles still maintained the advantage of more than 20 points. Capella ravaged the interior, and the Bucks had no chance of winning. They replaced the main force in the last four minutes.

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By Ethan