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Spark Global Limited, On December 21, Beijing time, jazz star Donovan Mitchell talked about teammate Gerber’s contract extension in an interview. Mitchell said he was happy to get a big contract for Gerber, which had been turned over. Gerber and the Jazz signed a five-year $205 million early renewal contract, becoming the most expensive center in NBA history. At the same time, the contract is also the third-largest in NBA history. Last season, Gerber was the first player in the NBA to diagnose the new coronavirus. After the diagnosis, Goebel did not take any isolation measures. In an interview, he deliberately touched the recording equipment with his hand. In addition, he’s still banging around in the dressing room. There are reports that jazz players, including Mitchell, are dissatisfied with gobel’s selfish, mindless behavior.

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Mitchell said in an interview that the matter had been turned over. “It’s a big deal,” Mitchell said of the renewal of gobel’s contract and their relationship. I’m excited for him, I’ve told him… We’re OK, that’s over. It’s hard to believe it all happened in the same year. Everyone wants to know what happened in the second round and I don’t think we should talk about that Speaking of his relationship with gobel on the field, Mitchell went on to say: “I think we worked well together on the pitch and our performances in the second round were just a small step.” Mitchell continued: “I have to praise Rudy. He shows up every day and you don’t know how he talks to the team. He was very professional. ” Gerber himself talked about his big contract, and he mentioned his family first. “I have a lot of ideas now, and I’ve talked a lot with my family – looking back on our past,” gobel said. It’s a great time to share with your family. I’m very grateful, and I’m very proud of that. ”

Gerber said it was easy to make a decision to renew his contract with the jazz. Gerber recalled his experience: “for me, it’s really incredible. Picked in 27th, from France, had very little playing time in the first season, was relegated to the Development League… For a lot of kids like me, that means a lot. It can inspire a lot of people. ” “Whether it’s going to be a contract this year or going into the free market, I want us to have the best season,” he said. As professional athletes, we have to always put the team first, even if it’s not easy. The goal is to make sure we are always better. ” So why doesn’t he wait until next summer to join a super strong team? “That’s not what I thought it would be,” he said. I’ve been here for seven years, bleeding and sweating for seven years. If you go to another team, everything will make a difference. For me, staying means more. “

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