Shine Trader Live reports

Shine Trader Live reports:

Reported on September 13:

Closer and closer to the beginning of the new season, NBA 2k22 game announced the player values of each team, among which Ben Simmons’ values triggered a heated discussion.

As one of the few stars with the highest salary, Simmons’ value is only 84, the lowest since his rookie season.

As early as the release of 2k19, Simmons had 87 values. At that time, he was still very dissatisfied and said he would “want you to look good”. In the next two generations of games, his value has not changed. Now it has directly fallen to 84, which has basically separated from the front line.

More efficiently, in the three-point ability score, Simmons’ value is only 58, which is a very low level in the whole NBA, even lower than the big centers such as little Jordan, Howard and McGee.

There is no doubt that Simmons must be angry when he saw such a score, which is a mockery of him by the game official. But it’s hard for him to talk back. After all, even the 76ers have been trying to trade him, and the fans have lost patience with him. I’m afraid Simmons still has a long way to go to “recover the lost land”.

In addition, the value of 76 core enbid is 95, which is tied with yokic and belongs to the top level; However, the overall ability value of 76 people is 81, which is the last in the top ten teams in the game strength list.

By Ethan