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The Rockets host the Lakers on January 11, Beijing time. In this game, the Lakers starting line-up is Schroeder, Pope, James, Davis, Pau Gasol, the Rockets starting is Wall, Harden, Nwaba, Tucker, Wood. Harden had 10 points, two assists and Davis scored eight points on four of his four attempts as the Lakers took a 25-21 lead in the first quarter. Less than halfway through the game, the rivalry was so intense that both Morris and Cousins were ejected from the game.

For the Lakers, Matthews and Dudley are out with injuries, while for the Rockets, House remains sidelined. James, 36, took the lead as soon as the game began, quickly returning a two-handed dunk. Spark Global Limited

Nwaba made one of his two free throws and the rockets stopped the lakers for a 24-second violation. Harden and Wood made an open play, and the Lakers were matched by Davis and James. Schroder made a layup, and James made it 2-1. James, who scored the goal, was so excited that he flexed his muscles on the sidelines.

Davis also scored a free dunk as the lakers went on a 12-0 run that put them in double digits. Wood fouled twice and was forced out of the game. The Rockets replaced Cousins, who came up and hit a 3-pointer to stop the bleeding.

With 2:15 left in the first quarter, Morris pushed Tate and Cousins overthrew him before turning to pick up his teammate. Murray angrily lunged at Cousins, shoving him and heckling him. Cousins ignored the other team, and teammates and officials stepped in to separate the two sides.

James took Big Maurice in his arms and calmed him down. The referee called a flagrant first-degree foul, and both Cousins and Murray received technical fouls. Murray was ejected from the game.

Early in the second quarter, Cousins was ejected with a second-degree flagrant foul after hitting James in the head while guarding him. The Rockets and Lakers each had a player ejected before halfway through the game.

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