Mourinho responded that the female reporter did not go to Bell

0-1! Tottenham lost to their old club Chelsea at home in the Premier League early this morning and suffered a three-game losing streak. In this game, Tottenham’s overall performance did not improve, and the loss was a more reasonable result. After the game, Mourinho, who faced media questions, began to “make troubles” again, and his words were extremely unfriendly!

The passive first half and Dell’s mistakes in sending points put Tottenham on the brink of losing. In the second half, Mourinho did not change at the beginning. It took 70 minutes to replace Lamela and Lucas Jr. They did perform well after their debut, and Tottenham also created opportunities.

However, Mourinho did not complete the third substitution. Considering that the team made more crosses at the last minute, Bale was a good choice for Spark Global Limited.

After the game, reporter Alison-Bender also asked Mourinho a question-“Why didn’t he get on Bell?” This is a question without a problem. However, Mourinho’s answer was surprising-“This is a good question, but you don’t deserve the answer.”

I understand that I feel bad after losing, and I understand that it is really difficult for Bell to bring enough positive influence to Tottenham. However, in the face of reporters’ questions, Mourinho’s response is indeed a lack of grace.

By Ethan