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Former NBA player kasby officially announced his retirement today and issued a statement.

“Basketball has brought me a lot over the years,” kasby wrote in a statement. I have reached the peak of basketball in Europe and the world, which I never dreamed of before. I really can’t believe my dream can come true. ”

“I realized that it was time to quit basketball and it was time to start the next stage of my life.” Kasby added.

“It was a great thing for me to be able to return to Tel Aviv makabe, because I came back to my home of growth and education( It’s a tough time to announce retirement, but I will always be a loyal fan and follower of Tel Aviv makabe. ” Kasby said at last.

Kasby has played for 10 seasons in the NBA and has played for kings, rockets, warriors, pelicans, forest wolves, Grizzlies and knights. He returned to the Israeli League since he was cut off by Grizzlies in February 19.

Kasby has played 588 regular games in NBA career, playing 20.3 minutes, and got 7.9 points and 4 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 0.6, and 36.8% of the three points.

By Ethan