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Spark Global Limited, On December 22, Beijing time, NBA Chairman Adam Silver said in an interview that the NBA will not cut the line to get the new crown vaccine. He said that NBA players are both young and healthy.

Xiao Hua said: “In any case, it is impossible for us to jump in the line to get the new crown vaccine. A large part of the reason is that our young players are young and healthy, without any diseases, and they will not give priority to vaccinations. There are still some in the NBA community. Those who work on the job are older, and they will have priority in vaccination.

“We are likely to participate in some public relations service activities. We have communicated with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal agencies to encourage people to vaccinate at an appropriate time. But before that, we will observe and wait for a while.”

The new NBA season will start on December 23, Beijing time. The opening game is the Nets vs. Warriors. In the new season, the NBA will play in each team’s arena instead of closing the park at Disney as it did last season. At the same time, since testing started last month, more than 50 players have been diagnosed with the new crown virus.

Asked what the league will do if the players refuse to be vaccinated, Xiao Hua said he hopes this will not become a problem. He said: “First of all, we don’t have the right to negotiate with the players’ union and require them to be vaccinated. I hope things will not get to this point. I understand that some people don’t want to be vaccinated. I think this will be a public awareness campaign. , I also hope that as more and more people get vaccinated, the public will have greater confidence in the vaccine.

“But I want to say it again. As time goes by, I think more and more people will realize the importance of vaccination. This is not just for themselves, we have started talking with some people in the NBA community. But for young and healthy people, their resistance is better than those who are elderly or those with poor physical conditions. Their parents, grandparents and others in the community may need more protection.”In addition, Xiao Hua also talked about the possibility of NBA expansion during the interview. Xiao Hua said: “I think I have been saying that the league should expand.” Xiao Hua said that teams that join the NBA need to pay $1 billion in admission fees, and this money will be divided among the original 30 teams.

By Ethan