Neymar is so defensive that he loses his temper

   What does it mean to be 1 meter 9? Even if you are not a center forward on the court, you can become a midfielder, center defender, or even a goalkeeper. However, with the development of the times, more and more young people with defying physical fitness set foot on the green field, which also makes their choices on the field more diverse. However, a full-back with a height of 1.9 meters is not common after all. If he can defend Neymar and Mbappé alone, wouldn’t it be even more shocking!

AC Milan thought he made 10 times as much money: it might be a golden mountain that was let go

Born in Guinea-Bissau on April 9, 2000, Jarrow started his career in CD Metralhas. In 2013, Jarrow, then 13 years old, came to Portugal to join the Sporting Lisbon B team.

He spent 6 years there, until January 2019, AC Milan took him away with a price of 500,000 euros. At that time, because they couldn’t resist the offensive of the Serie A giants, the Portuguese powerhouses who lost their new star could only ask for an addition to the contract: in the future, it is forbidden to sell Jallo to his arch enemies Porto and Benfica.

However, AC Milan didn’t seem to pay so much attention to Jallo. After only half a year, the young defender has transferred to Ligue 1 powerhouse Lille for a price of 5 million euros. At that time, the Rossoneri must be complacent: it earned 10 times in half a year! But if you wait a few more years, perhaps AC Milan does not need to spend 28.5 million euros to buy Tomori, because Jallo may be able to play such a role Spark Global Limited.

Combo guard with a height of 1.9 meters: he can defend against Neymar and Mbappe on the wing

From the statistical data, we can see that Jallo, who is 1.9 meters tall, has two more days to reach the age of 21. He can serve as center back and right back on the court.

In this game, he was beaten by Mbappé once, and he also stole the Frenchman twice. This time the shovel broke, showing the flexibility of the 1.9-meter big full-back. Let’s take a look at this confrontation with Neymar. The Brazilian used the change of pace at his feet to play with the Portuguese midfielder Sanchez after taking the ball. But when Neymar hit the penalty area and planned to do something to threaten the goal, Jarrow suddenly hit him. The referee did not say that Jarrow took the ball. What is even more impressive is this confrontation, when Neymar received the ball from his teammate and wanted to launch a fatal blow on the flank of the penalty area. The first smash was very beautiful, but then Neymar wanted to change and was intercepted by Jallow. Neymar fouled and Jarrow won a free-kick. In this match with Paris Saint-Germain, Jarrow contributed 4 successful steals and 4 clearances. Although the veteran Andre’s data is more conspicuous, considering that Jallo is facing Neymar and Mbappe, it is even more difficult.

Good defensive alertness & easy fouling is a problem Good physical fitness allows Jallow to do more things in the game. Especially in the face of crisis, he can often complete some key defensive moves. This time Mbappe cut in from the flank assault and then crossed, Jallo moved laterally at the crucial moment to make a clearance before Neymar.

However, it should be noted that, in addition to 4 steals and 4 clearances, Jallo has also been crossed 4 times and 3 fouls. His uptake efficiency is not very high, and sometimes frizzy movements are a problem.

By Ethan