Guangzhou Evergrande team sent good news late at night!

The U.S. men’s basketball team ushered in their first warm-up match in the rally against Nigeria. Nigeria beat the United States 90-87 with an overall excellent sense of three-way break-up (20 of 42).

On July 13, Beijing time, the US men’s basketball team ushered in its second opponent, the Australian men’s basketball team. The two teams played very closely in this game. The U.S. men’s basketball team didn’t get a point in the last three minutes and lost 83-91 in the end. It suffered two consecutive losses in the warm-up game, the first time since 1992.

Congratulations! Nigerian official tweets congratulations on Australia’s men’s basketball team’s victory over the United States

After the game, the Nigerian national basketball team had a black humor. They used official tweets to release the video, which read: @ Australia men’s basketball team, welcome.

By Ethan