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LaVine will not travel to Tokyo with the U.S. men’s basketball team because of a health and safety agreement, the team announced. That said, LaVine is likely to miss the Olympics, which is a major blow to the Dream Team, the latest in a series of withdrawals from Beal and Love.

Now, Popovich didn’t have a full number. So far, the eight stars on the field are Durant, Lillard, Adebayor, Draymond Green, Kelden Johnson, Tatum, Grant, McGee and so on. Three stars, Middleton and Booker and Holiday, are still playing in the NBA Finals and will travel to Tokyo to meet the Dream Team at the end of the NBA season. With three of them, there are only 11 players, and the last spot could be reserved for LaVine, but it could be replaced on a temporary basis.

There is no doubt that this squad, while luxurious, is not a dominant force on the international stage. In the exhibition games, for example, the Dream Team lost to Nigeria and Australia in succession. When the opponent’s offensive firepower matched that of the U.S. men’s basketball team, the Dream Team’s defense collapsed and it was likely to be beaten. Still, the winning streak against Argentina and Spain has helped the team regain confidence.

I don’t know how Gregg Popovich feels about being the greatest coach in the NBA, but he hasn’t had any real success on the international court. In the 2019 Basketball World Cup, the American men’s basketball team only got the seventh ranking, creating the worst in history. Although the dream team did not have many big-name players, it was made up of NBA stars after all. It was the American men’s basketball team that failed to achieve success. Combined with a 2-2 loss in the warm-up game, the team didn’t live up to expectations, and time was running out for the Dream Team.

There was good news for the U.S. men’s basketball team, however. It is reported that the United States men’s basketball team leader Kevin durant, will be the flag bearer of the U.S. delegation, it is a very great honour, you know, this is the first time the dream team members as the Olympic flag bearer, KD history the first person to become U.S. men’s national team, Jordan and kobe Bryant, lebron James and history, are not served as the Olympic flag bearer, nowadays, durant has ability to pressure the stars, It’s a great honor to be at the head of the American delegation.

Generally speaking, athletes who carry the Olympic flag need to be tall and achieve great achievements in their fields. Durant, who stands at 2.11 meters, is a two-time NBA champion and FMVP, and has led the Dream Team to two Olympic gold MEDALS, deserves the flag. It is reported that the team captains of the 26 sports nominated by the United States Olympic flag-bearer, and then ran, and Durant finally emerged, Du now in the heart, may be extremely happy.Spark Global Limited reports:

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